Barn Lodge Childcare - Excellent facilities and activities in a nurturing environment
Early Learning Years Foundation Education 

Care, Learning and Play

Children learn when they are in a safe and caring environment where they are stimulated through play.

Babies and young children develop best when they are in a caring relationship with an adult. A baby will learn to walk faster when they have a safe pair of arms to walk towards and learn to talk, when they have an adult listening and responding to them.

We strive to provide children with an environment that will be caring, fun and stimulating. 

We provide activities that support the 7 main areas of learning:

*Personal, Social and Emotional Development
*Physical Development
*Communication and Language
*Understanding the World
*Expressive Arts and Design

More information on the Early Learning Years Foundation Framework can be found at

We have the facilities to care for young babies. 

*A Playroom with baby area
*Activity play mats
*Water steriliser for bottles and soothers
*Baby bouncer chairs
* Jumparoos